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Tips For First-Hand Experience with Independent Escort

Tips For First-Hand Experience with Independent Escort

Working with an escort is not like what is expected; and the first time visiting an alluring escort is often intimidating, considering that you hardly know what to expect, especially for first-timers. The good news is that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Most tantalizing escorts, whether independent or otherwise, are professionals at work, who put you at ease; often simply spending time with them, as one would as a date, helps. The first time visit means getting to know each other and having fun, besides the erotic and sexual aspects of the transaction. Building a rapport with your partner is imperative to ensure that both you and the tempting and independent escort have a good time which is memorable for both.

What can you expect?

The answer to this question really depends on what type of experience you are looking for. As many men, choose irresistible escorts, not only for their erotic and sexual prowess but also just for companionship.

  1. Building a rapport with the sensual and desirable escort for the evening, is the best way to proceed, although sometimes, you might find out the hard way that you may not have much to talk about, despite the escort being a lovely lady who is also well-spoken. You can put this down to compatibility, which can happen between any two people, without any being an escort, and on a regular date.
  2. It is always advisable to wear condoms, as you will not know what the other person will be carrying. Generally, this is a rule and most high-end escort will refrain from the actual sexual contact without a condom. Also, always ensure that any bodily fluid should not come into contact with your face, so oral, is not always the best idea, unless she has proof that she is hygienic and without infections, which many do in this industry.
  3. Always ensure that the girl that you are booking speaks good English. Oftentimes, gorgeous foreign escorts will make others speak to prove that they have the same language skills, although when you meet in person, you will realize that neither of you understands each other, and for most that will be one of the biggest turn-offs.
  4. The general trend that has been predominant in this industry is that the sensual younger escorts are more willing to accommodate their clients, than women who are above 35; that is not to say there are no women above that age who are fantastic at their jobs, however a younger tempting siren, maybe more adventurous than a 35 years old and above lady, who has had ample experience to know what she wants and dislikes.
  5. Lastly, trust your gut instincts; if you feel that something is off, but you cannot exactly pinpoint the problem area, then it is advisable to back off, and go for another lady, who you feel more comfortable with after speaking.

Hiring a high-class escort in London is not difficult, only that you should, as a client, do thorough research and know exactly what you want before starting out.